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B.C. fires: evacuation alerts lifted in West Kelowna, Bolean Lake

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Residents in B.C.’s Okanagan region forced to flee from their homes due to encroaching wildfires have been given the all-clear to return, though must be prepared to move out quickly if necessary.

Evacuation orders for both West Kelowna and Bolean Lake Lodge near Falkland were downgraded to evacuation alerts Friday, though firefighters will continue to work on containing the blazes.

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At Westside Road in West Kelowna, the fire that drove residents from 70 homes Monday night, is now 25 per cent contained.

“The area remains on alert and those residents should remain on short notice in case we have to upgrade to an order again,” Bruce Smith, with the Central Okanagan Regional District, told CBC News.

“But we are hoping that is not the case given the progress BC Wildfire service has made on the fire.”
Westside Road will remain closed between Cinnabar Cree and the La Casa Resort, although residents will be allowed to enter the area.

Officials are asking other members of the public to stay away as fire crews are still working in the area.

Residents have been told to be prepared to leave again on short notice if there is a change in fire activity.

BC Hydro said they will restore power via generators, but that around 100 affected customers in the fire zone will remain without power until repairs can be made to damaged equipment.

‘An exceptional job’

At Bolean Lake, the fire is now 50 per cent contained, officials confirmed.

The owners of the Bolean lake Lodge ar now able to return to their property, but remain on an evacuation alert, along with 24 properties on Chase-Falkland Road.

“The Wildfire Management Branch has done an exceptional job on the fire,” Ryan Nitchie from the local regional district of Bolean Lake told CBC News.

“Crews have been working really hard protecting structures, particularly on the south flank. And I think it should be somewhat of a relief to residents that they are getting the upper hand.”

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British Columbia Ferries Allegedly Hid Emails

British Columbia Ferries CEO Mike Corrigan and Transportation Minister Todd Stone have come under fire after allegations that emails have been hidden between the two. According to the New Democratic Party (NDP), despite filing a freedom of information request for emails between the two between January and March, there were no emails released. The British Columbia Ferries CEO claimed that all of his contact with the Minister was either by phone or in person.
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Recently, though, an email from February has emerged. In this email, CEO Corrigan tells Minister Stone that his recent comments regarding British Columbia Ferries were not helpful and encouraged the minister to consider his words more carefully in the future. Doug Routley, a representative for the NDP, is upset over these hidden emails, saying that this shows that British Columbia Ferries have gotten around the freedom of information laws. British Columbia transportation has been under fire recently for other hidden emails regarding the part of the road system called the Trail of Tears. These hidden emails only add to the controversy.

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